A Personal Message


After many years of touring and creating music in live situations and in studios, I feel it is time to give back to the next generation some of the knowledge I have acquired.

In these days of declining cultural funds, there is a great need for students who are serious about creating careers and income in the arts, to expand their horizons. I took this grand step 23 years ago, after a successful free-lance career in NYC, I began working with electronics and opening my ears to my heart. I have been rewarded ever since in expanded capabilities of interpretation and creation, not to mention many new avenues of work that would never have been available to me if I had stayed in the classical mold…

What I will offer in these workshops and Master Classes is a beginning, or a glimpse of what possibilities are out there, given the talent and experience these students already possess. I would like to inspire future generations to create new paths and fully manifest their potential as sensitive, visionary artists.


Master Classes and Workshops by Erich Kory


Erich Kory specializes in Electro-Acoustic Improvisation. His instrument is the cello, but many of his techniques can be used by, and adapted to, any other musician or instrument. Therefore, these classes are open to anyone who is interested. All are welcome.

The classes and workshops are divided into 2 major groups, Electro-Acoustic Workshops and Performance Master Classes, each having 2 sub-groups.

The workshops are geared to those musicians who are interested in discovering the ins and outs of connecting acoustic instruments to electronic systems. They will start with the basics and move into the far-reaching complexities and possibilities that become apparent when interacting with these new technologies. The 2nd section of the workshops will delve into the integration of these technologies with live performance, discussing applications in real ways that will relate to each student, and their individual interests.

The Master Classes are more performance oriented, also in 2 groups: Improvisation and Classical Interpretation. Given the experiences and background of Mr. Kory, there is a very interesting integration of these two seemingly different practices exposed in these classes.

In addition to these classes, Mr. Kory is offering to perform a concert, in the same time period as the visit, for students and/or local audiences.


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