My first CD, SENTIENT CELLO, is all original multi-tracked cello music. There are 14 pieces that produce a coherent thread expressing, what I feel, are our inner emotions and flows of life. I use special recording techniques to create sounds of Wind, Rain, Thunder and Birds, all from the Cello. Most of the pieces are very melodic and have already been used in several Film soundtracks. Sentient Cello has also been aired on the radio in over 12 countries.

Running time: 64’ 21”

Track List:

1. Fleeting Moment
2. Ancestral Voices
3. Mi Corazon
4. Harold
5. Rolling Thunder
6. Devas' Play
7. Cellout
8. Purple Mosquito
9. Ondes d'Anges (waves of angels)
10. Slipping into the Great Below
11. Maya
12. Aurora Borealis
13. Breitbach
14. Bird Tribes II
15. Metamorphe


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CD Liner Notes

The intense melodic virtues that Erich Kory draws from his cello flow across the musical boundries of Classical, Blues, Rock, Folk, Ethnic and New Age.

The voice of Kory's music is influenced by his experiences traveling throughout Europe, the East Block, United States and Canada. This background, together with over 32 years of performance experience, leaves Kory at ease playing music in all forms. His diversity reflects the scope of his associations, which range from concertizing with Leonard Bernstein at Carnegie Hall, to working with Sting. Performing original compositions, Kory has been both creator and performer of musical themes for many groups including The Palindrome Dance Company in Germany and Czech Republic, Thratre d'Empreintes in Montreal, and the performance artist Tai Dang in New York City.

Erich's style keeps well the spirit and personality that has made his "Sentient Cello" so close to so many hearts. All the music and sounds on this album come directly from his cello, including the wind and thunder in Rolling Thunder and the bird calls in Bird Tribes II. Enjoy.


I would like to dedicate this first solo effort to my mother Marianne,

and to the feminine spirit everywhere because it is the source of my knowledge and inspiration.


This recording would not have been possible without my very special friend, John Douglas. Many Thanks, hey.

Recorded at Treehouse Studios in Charlotte, Vermont. July-December 1992

Composed, performed, engineered, mixed, edited and produced by Erich Kory.

Breitbach recorded by Gus Ziesing at Low Tech Studios, Burlington, Vermont.

Final Mastering by Chuck Eller at Charles Eller Studios, Charlotte, Vermont

Computer Generated Illustrations, John Douglas

Graphic Design: Silver Cloud Design

Portrait photo: Beverly Red

Scenic photo: Erich Kory