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A poem by Elisabeth von Trapp

Hymn to a Cellist


There was a musician with the gift of song
Who played cello his whole life long
Not an ordinary accompanist sight reading notes
Playing only what famous composers wrote


No, this cellist had a unique heart and mind
Creating compositions and improvisations of every kind
He dedicated his life to break out of the mold
To play with authentic intent, with passion and soul


Audiences who heard him play gasp- oohs and ahhs
Responded with standing ovations, resounding applause
Then they’d wait after the show with laughter and tears
To tell him his playing cleared sorrows, dispelled fears


And once he played so perfect a tune
That even the stage lights changed to different hues
He played a melody with such perfect intent
Its sound was transported beyond planets and moons


This song passed through galaxies, way out and beyond
To the very place where Heaven is found
As the melody filled the Cathedral of God
All choirs stopped –all angelic hosts were awed


As the last exquisite tones were played, silence ensued
Which changed the entire heavenly mood
A cacophony of voices asking, “Who sent that song?”
“To whom did that splendid melody belong?”


Then the Creator of all worlds and galaxies spoke
Not through lightning or thunder, or fire and smoke
But in a still small voice that reached everyone’s heart
As it has for ages past, as it has from the very start

“This song you’ve just heard, is played with pure intent,
This is what I’ve always intended,
This is what I’ve always meant.
Here is a soul that bore the highest gift
Here is a heart that dared to create, dared to shift


From earth’s mire, beyond life’s sorrows
To reach beyond time, beyond all tomorrows
Blessed be this soul that not only heard The Call
But trusted the inner voice, leaving everything behind
…… leaving all


Here is a soul that did not give into pride
But followed the path that was narrow, not wide
Here is a soul that gave heart mind and soul
To walk life’s long journey to becoming whole


Here is a soul that did not give in to fear
But rather sent song as a prayer to reach Heaven’s Ear
Here is a soul that promised to be true
By designing a melody that was totally new


Here is a soul that bought heavenly treasure
By giving all he had, to acquire faith in full measure
This is an example of a soul who got it right
Here is a musician who gave sound eternal flight"

Dedicated to Erich Kory, Christmas 2009


With love and deep gratitude for the gift of performing the hundreds of wonderful concerts with you.
Elisabeth von Trapp





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