Newly released, NEVER ENDING STORY, is a compilation of work I have done over the last 5 years. There are pieces with Piano from a Theatre Production in Montreal, a Sufi Poem that was recorded live with voice, I play classical guitar and also have created various percussive tracks. The feeling of this CD is overall more popular, but still keeping the cello and my melodic style in clear focus. As in my Sentient Cello CD, there are several “All Cello” pieces also included.

Running time: 68 minutes

Track List:

1. Inner Joy
2. In The Clouds
3. Atlantique
4. Never Ending Story
5. Lonely People
6. Promenade Dans Paris
7. A Summer Morning
8. Bel Hiver
9. Atlantique Revisited
10. Blue Improv
11. Trapeze
12. Joie de Vivre
13. Asia
14. Contemplate Your Origins

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> Piano and Fender Rhodes were created and performed by Réal Léveillé.

> Percussion on Asia by Alain Corey.

> Original Atlantique theme written by Christian Frappier.

> Contemplate Your Origins is an extract from a much larger text of the Persian poet Mahmud Shabistari’s “Golshan-I Raz” (The Garden of Secrets). This is a genre of mystical-musical-verse written in 14th century Afghanistan. Translated by Tim Smith and performed in a live improv. session at CreaSon Studio in Montréal, April, 1997 by Tim Smith and Erich Kory.  The Recording Engineer for this track was Jean-Guy Montpetit.

> Front cover photo by Beverly Red

> Back cover photo by Milosz Rowicki

> Graphics by France Leduc, Tattoo Communication Visuelle & Erich Kory

All music was composed, performed, arranged, recorded, mixed & mastered by
Erich Kory, except where otherwise stated.

Many Thanks to: Réal, Luc, Clode, Minor, Johnny Bruce & Bobbie, Bemshi,
Elisabeth, Kirsten, Tamas, Robert & Frieder, Chuck, Lane, Barney, Marcus Jordan, Yogo,
Samuel, Marie-Josée, Jeff, Tim, all my friends at the Hanaqhah
and remembering our special friend whom I have received so much from.

I dedicate this record to my wife Reine and son Zacharie
Who inspired, supported and tolerated me through these years.

Produced by Erich Kory
Co-Executive Producers, Erich Kory & Reine Gagnon